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Are you a business owner facing critical challenges and unknowns during this virus outbreak? 

Now, more than ever, it's important to have a safe space to process what you and your business are going through. 

Join us in our free weekly Virtual Business Collaboration sessions to help you feel grounded in the unknown by surrounding yourself with fellow business owners who provide unique feedback to your immediate challenges. 

Next session: May 27th 12pm - 1pm

Leadership + re-onboarding, marketing, CO legislature updates for small business


Upcoming Virtual Business Collaboration Session

May 27th 12 - 1 pm










In these weekly virtual webinars through Zoom, we're helping business owners face their biggest concerns with the economic impact of the Coronavirus. 


May 27th Experts: 

Mary Atchison, Yellow Wagon Leadership

  • What your team needs from you now
  • Communication tips for keeping your team engaged.


Nick Armstrong, WTF Marketing 

  • Ambiguity Causes Anxiety; Anxiety Lowers Profits
  • Identity is Crucial to your Value
  • Trust and Consistency are the fastest roads to Profit


Karen Moldovan, Good Business Colorado

  • Colorado Legislators are anticipated to return to the state capitol on May 26th, for approximately 2-3 weeks to finish the state budget and school finance bill. 
  • Value bills that were for the for the small business community are no longer possible (ex. public option for health care, paid family and medical leave, retirement security, workforce development for early childhood educators, and efforts to increase recycling and composting are now on hold.
  • Legislators are faced with a significant budget deficit: at least $2 billion to $3 billion in revenue shortfall. and must meet this "3F" criteria that legislative leadership has explained as, "Fast, Friendly (bi-partisan), and Free."
  • Colorado Legislators are closely following federal action, to determine how states will receive ongoing emergency COVID response aid, stimulus funding, etc. 
  • Unemployment Insurance program, as the COVID-related claims were unprecedented.



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Session Agenda: 1 hour

  • Introductions 
  • Guest speakers share key resources for business owners relating to COVID-19 impact
  • Q & A and panel discussion


Who's On the Call: 

  • Curt Bear, LoCo Founder 
  • Topical guest speakers
  • Business owner guests (you!)

 Come with questions! 


These sessions may be recorded and LoCo Think Tank reserves the right to make the recordings public to help more business owners. We will confirm and remind everyone upon starting the webinar.


What To Expect

Connection with other small business owners

Group check in and introductions

A minimum of one small business issue processing session 

Actionable solutions and tactics for your business

Guest experts & topical professionals

Contact [email protected] for more information. 



LoCo Think Tank brings diverse, non-competitive small business owners together to form LoCo Think Tank chapters in Northern Colorado. These chapters are a confidential, collaborative, and interactive environment where individuals can give and receive valuable business insights. Meetings are managed by a LoCo Facilitator, typically a successfully retired small business owner with a give-back mindset.


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