Value-Driven Peer Advisory Groups

LoCo Think Tank brings diverse, non-competitive small business owners together to form LoCo Think Tank chapters. These chapters are a confidential, collaborative, and interactive environment where individuals can give and receive valuable business insights. Meetings are managed by a LoCo Facilitator, typically a retired small business owner.
Chapters forming now in Colorado & Wyoming!
Chapter membership is $249 a month.
Are You One of Us?
Thinker Characteristics
  • Thinkers have a consistent record of small business growth.
  • Thinkers value the perspective and accountability provided by peer advisory.
  • Thinkers own at least 20% of an operating business and hold decision authority.
  • Thinkers have at least 5 years of experience in managing others.
  • Thinkers are the founder or co-founder of their business operation.
  • Thinkers have the time and financial means to fully participate in the group.
  • Thinkers seek time to work on their business, as opposed to working only in their business.
  • Thinkers have employees and the ability to create sound financial reports.
  • Thinkers are kind, of good reputation and character, and fun to be around.
  • Thinkers have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group.
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