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Peer Advisory

Strength, Wisdom, & Connection. 


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Business Peer Advisory

Strength, Wisdom, & Connection

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What we do

Collaborative solutions for business owners

We help business owners in Northern Colorado be more confident leaders, and grow their businesses faster through perspective, accountability, and encouragement from fellow business owners via monthly peer collaboration meetings, professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran. 

How we're different

How we help

Support and Accountability

We understand that being a business leader can be a lonely place. When you join a chapter you become part of a community that is facing similar challenges and grows to understand you and your business. It's like two parts board meeting and one part support group, providing resources and insight to help you navigate the business journey.


Sharing Wisdom

Free for all

People learn best from their own experiences and the stories of others. Our members share wisdom with one another, as well as topical expertise and talent. We further share this wisdom through The LoCo Experience podcast featuring long-form conversational interviews of our members and other regional business leaders.

The LoCo Experience Podcast

Trusted by 85+ local business owners

Trusted by 90+ local business owners

The Member Experience

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A Chapter is made up of:

group of people outline

12 Business Owners

+ diverse industries & personalities
+ similar challenges of scale
+ abundance mindset

1 Successful
Business Facilitator

+ successful past or present owner/operator 
+ servant leader of the chapter

Sounds like me

1 Monthly Meeting

+ half-day peer collaboration meetings
+ rotating member business presentations
+ topical expert speakers

Types of Chapters

group of people outline


✔ 5 or fewer employees

✔ Revenue less than $500,000 

✔ Dedicated to growing

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✔ 5-25 employees

✔ Revenue between $500K - $5MM

✔ Commitment to solutions

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Next Level

✔ 25 or more employees

✔ Revenue over $5MM 

✔Too big to be small

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✔ key employee/leader

✔ Reports directly to owner 

✔ Committed to small business growth & networking

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Next Level Catalysts

✔ key employee/leader of $5MM+ business

✔ Reports directly to CEO/President

✔ Committed to business growth & networking

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Member Testimonials

Emily Kincaid

Co-Founder, Managing Partner at
Elevate Energy Services

I have these gut feelings about stuff that maybe I'm not identifying immediately what direction to take for my business, so I ping it off the group. Then the path forward becomes so clear!

Mitch Holmes

Owner of MitchCraft Tiny Homes

I have already gained tremendous value and knowledge from only 2 meetings, so I anticipate my ongoing membership being extremely beneficial for myself and my company in the long term.

Katie Straubel

Owner of Clean Bees

The monthly meeting and optional 121 coaching has been extremely useful! I love sitting in a room with local like-minded movers and shakers:) Our businesses might be vastly different yet we face similar challenges.

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