LoCo Builders chapters are designed for the owners of smaller but high-potential businesses in our communities. Builders members will generally have five or fewer employees and less than $500,000 in gross revenues.

The Structure of Our Builder Chapters

  • Monthly four hour chapter meeting
  • Small group meetings between chapter meetings
  • Occasional expert speakers
  • Opportunity to connect with other LoCo Think Tank members
  • Up to 12 members
  • 1 LoCo Facilitator 
  • Monthly dues are $199 
  • No initiation fee and no long-term contract

What makes the Builders chapters different from the Thinkers and Next Level chapters, is that members meet in monthly small groups, instead of one-on-one meetings with their facilitator. These small groups are topically-focused and led by your chapter facilitator. 

Member attendance expected at 80% of meetings and members may be asked to resign if it falls below.  New members are added if no conflict of interest and with unanimous consent of existing members.

To Join:

Apply now, speak with LoCo, meet a facilitator, visit a chapter, and get accepted by the group. 

Are You A Builders Candidate?

lf 7 out of 10 apply to you, you qualify for a Builders Chapter! 

LoCo Builders...

  • Are owners and deciders  
  • Have a consistent record of business growth
  • Are kind, of good reputation, and an enjoyable personality
  • Have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group
  • Value the perspective and accountability  provided by peer advisory
  • Working on their business, not only work in their business
  • Have demonstrated perseverance along their small business journey
  • Are working to build a team with purpose 
  • Are the founder or co-founder 
  • Have proven demand for their products and/or services

LoCo Think Tank has changed the way I handle my business. Every month, I am beyond impressed with ideas and information I come away with and there is always something I can implement immediately to improve my business. The group is like my own Board of Directors and I feel less alone in running my small business. I trust each and every member of my group and am grateful for their input and their willingness to share their experience with me in order to help me be the best business leader I can be. I highly recommend joining your local Think Tank group if you currently feel isolated as the owner of a small business or if you are looking for useful insights from business owners in other industries. This group is invaluable.

- Diana with Zi Zai Dermatology


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