Curt Bear


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Curt Bear is the Founder of LoCo Think Tank, and serves as a substitute LoCo Facilitator and trainer and encourager for the growing team of LoCo Facilitators.  Curt was raised by an entrepreneur (a 1st-generation Farmer in North Dakota), educated in Economics at North Dakota State University, and started his career as a Credit & Management Trainee at Community First National Bank.  This path landed him a job in Fort Collins in 1999, sight unseen.  After a 15-year career as a small business banker, Curt launched LoCo Think Tank in 2014 mostly as a means of transforming himself from Banker to Restaurateur - which ended up being a short-lived mobile catering business called Bear's Backyard Grill.  
Curt was trained in meeting facilitation for his role as a Discussion Leader with Bible Study Fellowship and learned about Service Above Self from his fellow Rotarians in the Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Club.  He developed an understanding of business-owner peer advisory techniques as a member of Vistage and came to understand a whole-person approach to success in life by his long-term involvement with The Matthews House in Fort Collins.  These are the cornerstones that LoCo Think Tank is built upon!  Curt is grateful for the influence of these amazing organizations and so many inspiring and encouraging people during his banking career and entrepreneurial journey, no web page could list the entirety of them!     
Curt lives in Old Town Fort Collins with his wife of 16+ years, Jill, and their dog, a Schnocker (look it up!) named Tucker.  Curt is an idea-guy, loves nearly everyone he meets, and makes multiple introductions of people who should know one another every week.  He enjoys serving as a volunteer emcee or facilitator for non-profit causes, and has a number of topical and keynote speaking presentations available to present.  You can learn more about speaking presentations here:, and you can book time to meet or speak by phone with Curt below.

Curt's Strengths & Additional Offerings

  • Facilitator for non-profit board retreats
  • Small business strategy sessions
  • Revenue stream development and review
  • Speaker 
  • Volunteer emcee


Curt speaks about community impact of peer advisory. 

To learn more about his presentations and availability, schedule a meeting with him below. 


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