Pat Nicholson


Chapter Name: Think Again

Chapter Type: Thinkers

Pat held many roles as a marketing executive, advisor, and investor with more than 20 years experience working with large and small technology brands. He developed his branding sensibilities and skills at Apple, where he worked for 16 years and led marketing for Apple’s software, education, and e-commerce businesses. And he has leveraged this background to lead marketing and build new brands for three venture-backed startups: Kno (acquired by Intel), Zepp (acquired by Huami), and Deserve. In advising early-stage startups, Pat helps founders and early executives think through the stages and sequencing of their branding (and demand generation) efforts. He believes it’s never too early to establish the foundation for your brand and you can make meaningful progress without spending money (though it does require hard-thinking). Pat got his undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin and completed his master’s degree at Stanford.


Think Again Chapter Details

This chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 8:30am - 12:30pm at the Innosphere. 


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