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Welcome to Curt’s Blog, the monthly lead-in article of our LoCo Perspective newsletter.  Curt describes himself as a small-L libertarian, Christian, Rotarian, foodie, philosopher, and economist - and his blogs feature commentary relevant to business - especially challenging topics and current trends.  Sometimes our subscribers send notes of encouragement about Curt’s courage, and others have canceled their subscriptions and tried to cancel Curt over the unacceptable thoughts he’s shared.  Curt’s not famous though, so it don’t really matter, and Curt keeps thinking and writing, writing and thinking.  The purpose of this blog is to share one person’s perspective and to open dialogue and encourage free exchange of thoughts and ideas.  It goes without saying that the LoCo Think Tank team, facilitators, members, and community do not necessarily share his views - but this is a disclaimer and it feels like it wouldn’t be complete without that statement.  If you’d like to connect with Curt directly, please email him at [email protected]

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