Love in the Workplace!

culture leadership Feb 23, 2021

In last month’s musings on How Leaders Grow, I posited that leaders grow most as they Listen, Learn, and Love.  For some, the mixing of the term love into a “work environment” was likely a bit awkward - inspiring thoughts of backroom romances or worse.  But it’s no stretch to say that the best business leaders I know love their people the most, and in ways that inspire no talk of scandal.  From my perspective, love is more made of action than it is of emotion, and what makes it all the more confusing is that people give and receive love in so many different ways.  And, love is such a pliable term - I love my wife, mom, team, motorcycle, creative cooking, and ice cream - all in wildly different ways!   


Read on for an expansion of Curt’s thoughts on love in the workplace, and how leaders need to:

  1. Show love and appreciation for team members in a way that is received well by those individuals
  2. Remember that love is...
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