Gratitude for Challenging Times (and Challenging People)

gratitude Nov 30, 2021

Earlier this fall, I had an interaction with a business friend, during which I expressed that I was indeed doing fine, though struggling with anger over some of the measures taken in this pandemic crisis - and especially with what were then recently-announced measures.  I shared how my heart grieved for the nurses and medical workers who were being fired across the nation for refusing an experimental “vaccine” - despite in many or most cases having acquired what may be superior immunity through natural infection. Check out this article in The Wall Street Journal on topicPerhaps worse, my intellect ached in considering why many millions of especially blue-collar workers would be mandated to get vaccinated or get fired at a time when labor shortages were already acute and supply chains fragile - as we headed into the holidays!  It seemed a sort of economic suicide pact forced upon the nation, and at least in my mind, my anger was...

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The Unstable Balance Between Contentment And Striving

We had our 12th annual Fakesgiving party earlier this month, our silly name for what appears to have become a movement of friendsgiving parties sweeping the nation in recent years.  That’s right - 12th annual friendsgiving party - what you got!?  

Anyway - yours truly cooks up a pair of turkeys (16 pounders this year) along with stuffing and garlic mashers, Jill Bear makes sweet potato casserole and pumpkin cheesecake, and then a couple dozen friendlies bring their favorite side and a bottle of wine or 6-pack to share in our little bungalow.  This year, Fakesgiving was warmer than normal, and many spilled out onto the patio for dinner and later a fire pit session. We had about a dozen side dishes this year, and maybe five desserts - and of course I tried everything. A few things were really good, so I had seconds on those - quite a few things, if I’m honest.  

Striving to eat at least a bite or two of each offering is something I’m...

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