How Do Leaders Grow?

growth leader leadership Jan 25, 2021


Fresh start. Clean slate.  New year, new you.  This year is gonna be different.

Well, yeah, kinda - but probably only a little bit.  For most of us, each year doesn’t represent an opportunity to transform, or to start from scratch - instead it’s a chance to build upon a foundation that was already there.  Whether you’re talking about building a business, pursuing a professional career path, or nurturing a family - each day and each week/month/year represents an opportunity to grow - and change a little bit.  


There’s a marketing agency here in Fort Collins - Old Town Media - that has a slogan that I find clever - 1% better every day!  I had a fun conversation with one of their leaders, that it needs to be more like 0.1% better every day because 1% was simply unsustainable.  With the power of compounding, that would be like 400% better every year, and what organization or person can sustain that magnitude...

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