Face Your Demons - and Teach Them New Skills!

In my September blog - Too Much of Every Good Thing is Bad - I led off with a true story of a fun night out gone wrong - resulting in a brutal hangover, bruises and scrapes, and a broken iphone!  I got a lot of feedback to the post, including outreach from a couple of folks with more of a welfare-check approach than kudos for an entertaining and thoughtful blog.  


For those wondering the same, I’m good - and in fact, I’ve nearly completed the Sober October exercise I embarked on soon after.  No alcohol and no marijuana for a full month!  It’s probably been since I was 15 since I’ve gone that long a stretch without alcohol, and maybe since I was 20 on the MJ.  Admittedly the events of 2020/2021 initiated an uptick in the consumption of both, and it’s been a healthy reset for me I think - and not as hard as I worried it might be.  It’s interesting the sharp thoughts that result when I don’t dull them...

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