LoCo Biz Builders

Moses Horner
FOCO Think Tank Facilitator
Dave Hudson
The Articulate Thinkers Facilitator
Upcoming Events
FOCO Cafe Info/Demo Event
Wednesday, 26th 
Moses Horner's House
900 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Invitation only

The Articulate Info/Demo Event
Tuesday, June 25th
8:00am - 10:00am
The Articulate, 324 Jefferson St, 
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Invitation only

Chapters Forming Now!
LoCo Think Tank Biz Builders chapters have been developed to provide a safe place for growth and learning for the owners of smaller but high-potential small businesses in our communities. Generally, Biz Builders chapter members will have five or fewer employees and less than $500,000 in gross revenues.  

The structure of our Biz Builders chapters will be similar to that of the Thinkers chapters, with four hour meetings monthly along with sessions between meetings. The key difference is that Builders chapter facilitators will not be retired small business owners, but instead are members of our LoCo Thinkers and LoCo Next Level chapters.  Biz Builders chapters will meet in cohorts between monthly full-chapter meetings, with a focus on business bootcamp-type topics.  

Our initial LoCo Facilitators for the Biz Builders chapters will be Moses Horner of Horner Painting, and Dave Hudson of Recycled Cycles. Both are longtime members of our Original Thinkers chapter, and both are experienced facilitators with a passion for business as a force for good.  

Biz Builders chapters will be formed in partnership with a non-profit organization or co-working space. The host partner will receive a discounted membership in the chapter to accelerate their own business learning. 

We're working out all of the details right now and will announce connection events where you can meet Dave and Moses in the near future.  Apply for a Biz Builders chapter at the bottom of this page to make sure you're on the short list for contact about those events once they're scheduled. 
Are you a Biz Builder Candidate?
LoCo Biz Builders...
  • Are owners and deciders within their organization 
  • Have a consistent record of small business growth
  • Are kind, of good reputation, and an enjoyable personality
  • Have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group
  • Value the perspective and accountability provided by peer advisory
  • Working on their business, as opposed to working only in their business
  • Have demonstrated perseverance along their small business journey
  • Are working to build a team and define purpose for their business 
  • Are the founder or co-founder of their business operation
  • Have proven demand for their products and/or services
Biz Builders Benefits & Expectations
  • Once monthly meetings for four hours 
  • Topical-focused cohort meetings between full group meetings 
  • Opportunity to connect with other LoCo Think Tank members
  • Members will attend a minimum of nine meetings annually
  • Monthly dues are $199 - no initiation fee and no long-term contract
Ready to Be a Better Business Owner?
Apply online to join your local LoCo Think Tank 
or connect with us by email or phone
(970) 698-6977