Value-Driven Peer Advisory
Who is the LoCo Facilitator?
LoCo Think Tank Facilitators...
  • Are seeking an increased level of purpose.
  • Have a give-back mindset toward the role of facilitator.
  • Are in it for the joy of it, not for the money.
  • Have an enjoyable personality.
  • Have demonstrated a high level of achievement.
  • Have at least five years of business ownership experience.
  • Have experience as member or facilitator in peer advisory.
  • Are trained in facilitation.
  • Have strong financial aptitude.
  • Have topical expertise in a critical business area.
What does the LoCo Facilitator do?
The LoCo Facilitator is the minder of the chapter. They are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of Thinkers. The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one with members in between.  
Facilitator Expectations
  • Assist in identifying, evaluating, and recruiting prospective members for the group.
  • Ensure that members have executed a Member Agreement prior to attending a confidential group meeting.
  • Set and distribute agenda for monthly meetings.
  • Track and distribute access to issue processing opportunities.
  • Be available for and encourage one-on-one meetings with members between meetings.
  • Engage in goal-setting on a regular basis with progress tracking not less than quarterly.
  • Invoice LoCo Think Tank on a monthly basis for services and additional costs incurred.
  • Identify and secure access to a meeting location acceptable to group members.
What is LoCo Think Tank Anyway? 
Episode Seven: Facilitator Characteristics
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