LoCo Think Tank brings diverse, non-competitive small business owners together to form LoCo Think Tank chapters. These chapters are a confidential, collaborative, and interactive environment where individuals can give and receive valuable business insights. Meetings are managed by a LoCo Facilitator, typically a successfully retired small business owner with a give-back mindset.
Perspective. Accountability. Encouragement.
Who are we looking for?
The LoCo Facilitator is the minder of the chapter.  They are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of Thinkers.  The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one with members in between.  
Providing small business owner peer advisory chapters for every chapter of the small business journey.  
LoCo Think Tank Builders chapters have been developed to provide a safe place for growth and learning for the owners of smaller but high-potential small businesses in our communities. Generally, Builders chapter members will have five or fewer employees and less than $500,000 in gross revenues.  
Our original small business chapters. The members of our Thinkers chapters generally have fewer than 50 employees and range from $500K - $5MM in revenues. They are growing and succeeding - we create a safe place for them to think about how to reach their next level.
Not necessarily better, but they are bigger and more complex. Chapter members have taken their business to the next level - typically over $5MM in revenues. Too big to be small, too small to be big - that’s LoCo Next Level. It’s lonely at the top, and that doesn’t change with scale.

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