September Business Webinar:

An HR Crash Course on Hiring and Managing Workers

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An HR Crash Course on Hiring and Managing Workers

A free webinar for business owners, leaders, and teams.


Join LoCo Think Tank and Tina Todd from SImply HR for this free business webinar diving into must-know HR resources for business owners, from hiring new employees, to keeping them for the long haul!

Virtual Webinar
September 16 9-10am MT
With Tina Todd, Co-Founder of Simply HR

Tina will cover several HR issues for business owners, including guidance from state and federal governing rules which will be important going into the next year as well as HR trends and best practices when it comes to hiring and performance managing workers

In this webinar, Tina will help you identify ways to minimize risk for employers, so first and foremost, she will cover an update of what changes are coming for employers for 2021 in Colorado.

She will also share specific guidance for managers to learn how to effectively and easily structure conversations to provide any type of feedback, and how to continue to manage effectively whether employees are working from home or in the office. 



1. Key differences between Employees and Contractors and how to keep yourself out of hot water

2. New CO Requirements for 2020/2021 to start preparing for NOW

3. Tips for managing a remote workforce 

4. How to have tough conversations and manage performance for all employees

*The webinar will be recorded and shared with registrants following the session. 



Cost: Free

Date: September 16th 

Time: 9-10am MT

Location: Online - Zoom call

SpeakerTina Todd, Simply HR









Meet Tina

Tina Todd is President and Co-founder of Simply HR in Fort Collins.

I'm a true HR nerd and love digging into wage and hour rules, working with teams, and helping the incredible organizations in our community understand all of the fun (and sometimes tricky) aspects of HR. In addition to Co-Founding simplyHR in 2016, I recently co-created Define the Line, a workplace harassment training in the form of a comic book to educate, train, and empower individuals and workplaces to speak and act against harassment to create safe workplaces.

SimplyHR means you'll have the most up-to-date human resources information, guidance on best practices that impact you and your team, and trusted resources for all of your HR needs.