Lance Cayko


Chapter Type: Builders
Location: Longmont/Louisville/Boulder

Lance Cayko is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of wildly successful architecture and construction firms in Northern Colorado. His career in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry spans over two decades and includes several design awards including the international Architizer A+ Award for Architecture + Living Small in 2016.   

He co-founded F9 Productions, his architecture firm, in 2009 with his business partner Alex Gore after being laid off from a boutique firm in Boulder during the Great Recession.  Since its inception, the partners have grown F9 from two employees grossing less than six figures to a team of 11.  They operate out of their brand new custom-built office that they designed, built and developed in Longmont.  This year they earned the #1 spot in tier three of BizWest's Mercury 100 Fastest-Growing Private Firms blowing out the competition with a 386% growth rate. 

Throughout his now seasoned career, Lance has also served his community by managing a community garden in Longmont which he is now turning into a formal non-profit.  He also teaches part-time at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-hosts one of the top five architecture and business podcasts in the world, Inside the Firm.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, hiking, and fishing.


More About The Builders Chapter

"Builders" are businesses that have: 

✔ 5 or fewer employees

✔ Revenue less than $500,000 

✔ Dedicated to growing


I am excited to give back to my fellow entrepreneurs in being a facilitator because giving without question has proven to me to be more rewarding than nearly anything in my professional and personal life."


My Facilitator Strengths

Strong, focused, and brave leadership.  I lead by example in the office and the field by setting the tone for expectations on all of our projects from the outset.  With this I've also learned that great leadership is also trusting the teammates you've hired and resisting to micro-manage them.  Lastly, when the team becomes uncertain or fearful of a situation I am there to reassure them with expert knowledge and advice in order for us to continue to move forward.

Unmatched time-management, drive and energy. People often ask me how I get all that I am doing done while still managing to have a thriving personal life.  I do this by consistently managing my time and schedule with discipline and state of the art scheduling software.  My drive and energy come from within and are fueled by living and leading a healthy life with my family and wife.

Fairness, opportunity and freedom.  I pride myself on being fair and open-minded to all of our clients, owners, and staff.  I will always be the type of person who gets more out of giving someone an opportunity at their first gig, job, or project than squeezing out an extra dollar for a short-term gain when there may be a longer one on the horizon.  We will try anything once.  Life is too short to limit yourself and opportunities are endless.


Learn More About Lance

Check out the LoCo Experience Podcast with Lance Cayko and Curt Bear. 

Lance was born and raised in relative poverty in rural North Dakota, and his is a story of uncovering strengths, pursuing opportunities, and taking responsibility to change the things he could change - and letting the rest go.  Listen close as Lance unfolds a deeply personal life story that holds lessons for anyone hiding a dark secret.



Winner | Peter F. McKenzie award for the most outstanding architectural thesis of 2008

Winner | NDSU sustainable skyscraper competition 2007

Finalist | Marvin window dance studio design competition 2007

Finalist | Eco-makover design competition 2006

Winner | Architizer A+ Award|Architecture+Living Small 2016

Winner | Mercury 100 - 3rd Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Boulder Valley Tier V | 2017

Winner | Mercury 100 - 6th Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Boulder Valley Tier IV | 2018

Winner | Colorado's Top Rated Local® Architect Award | 2018  
Winner | Mercury 100 - 1st Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Boulder Valley Tier III | 2019  

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This chapter formation is currently in the Underground stage. This means you can begin working with Lance immediately until the official launch for your 7+ person chapter. The exact chapter meeting details are coming soon! 

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