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In-depth interviews with business owners & thought leaders with Curt Bear

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This podcast, created by LoCo Think Tank Founder Curt Bear and his team, digs deep into the business and life stories of local small business owners, regional small business veterans, non-profit organizations, and thought leaders from all walks of life. Launching and growing anything can be a crazy experience, and Curt and his guests will take you on an audio journey that is sure to expand your thinking and level up your understanding of what it takes to find success in the world of free enterprise.

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We look to speak with open-minded, diverse, expressive, and impactful business owners or thought leaders. 

We know that starting a business is a crazy experience, so our goal is to shed light on the vast situations business owners face in all facets of growth, scaling, and even exiting business.

Typical podcast recording time is 1.5 - 2 hours to cover:
+ Personal and professional journey that pointed owners to where they are today
+ Founding story and evolution - who, why, how
+ Personal philosophies & mottos
+ Key business highlights & lessons learned
+ Chasing tangents and getting a little personal

 The LoCo Experience Podcast is recorded at the:

LoCo Orange Room
400 N College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Virtual recordings are also available.

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