Ethan Raath 


Chapter Type: Catalyst | Lakewood/Denver Metro CO

Ethan Raath brings to his role as facilitator, mature leadership experience developed over forty years of working in business, professional, nonprofit, and academic settings. As a coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer with his company, Highwire Leadership, he specializes in helping with the human side of leadership. He draws on a richly varied life and work experience to help leaders, teams, and organizations maintain balanced, engaged, and productive working relationships.


“ I’m enthusiastic about being a Catalyst facilitator, because I have a heart for helping rising leaders build their personal and professional capacity, so they can serve with satisfaction and success.”


My Facilitator Strengths  

Leadership coach

Team facilitator

Executive director

Communication professor

Organizational consultant

Conflict management trainer

Employee relations mediator

Stress and resiliency guide

Career coach

Crisis counselor

Disaster responder

My Purpose is to Facilitate Growth In:

Leadership capacity

Business expertise

Team development

Employee relations

Interpersonal communication

Conflict resolution and mediation

Organizational wellness

Career development

Stress management

Self-care and resiliency

Catalyst Chapter Meeting Details

This group is currently forming and is in the 1x1 "Underground" stage where you can work directly with Ethan until the group launches with monthly meetings. Learn more about Underground here

You can sign up for Ethan's Underground chapter to get started right away through monthly 1x1 sessions!


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