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Larry Brummond is a career entrepreneur and currently the owner of The Write Touch, where he is a freelance business writer, speaker, and marketing consultant. He writes all types of business content from sales and marketing to technical content and operations. He also offers speech writing, presentation skills coaching, and email marketing services.

Larry started his career as a computer programmer, quickly turning his software design and development skills into an entrepreneurial career. He was the IT Manager for a Denver independent oil & gas company, which turned into an opportunity to launch a software company. Larry negotiated an ownership and royalty arrangement, designed an oil & gas enterprise software system, hired and managed technical and support staffs. In just over three years, he and his partners built the company, Excalibur, to $10M in revenues and 45 employees in three cities.

After 10 years managing Excalibur, Larry moved on to other entrepreneurial ventures including owning a printing franchise and a training company. Prior to starting The Write Touch, he served in various consulting and executive roles helping three other software companies grow their businesses. Two of those companies were eventually sold for seven figures.

Larry has a BA in Business Communications, served as a Big Brother twice, and is an Advanced Toastmaster. He and his wife enjoy movies, travel, and hanging out with special friends. They also cherish time with two adult children and two grandkids. Larry enjoys golf, reading, and jigsaw puzzles.

Helping other entrepreneurs navigate and conquer business and personal challenges inspires me. LoCo Think Tank is the vehicle that fuels that inspiration."


My Facilitator Strengths

  • Extensive workshop experience: I’ve conducted many team-building workshops and various training programs around speaking and personal development skills.
  • Playful Intelligence: that’s the name of a book by Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D. It’s about the importance of humor in life, relationships, and business. While taking the role seriously, I also like injecting fun and humor in meetings.
  • Presentation skills: long time Toastmaster; ran a presentation skills training company; wrote Speaking Skills 101 tutorial and an 8-step process to creating any presentation.
  • Problem solving - I have an innate love for leading and watching collaboration, the sharing of ideas, and open discussion to define, break down, and solve challenges.
  • Entrepreneurial passion - I can share my joy and personal experiences about the entrepreneurial journey, including overcoming the defeats, and relishing the successes.


  • Starting and building Excalibur, the software company described above; from start-up to national prominence.
  • Purchased a printing franchise; negotiated lease, managed build-out, led sales and operations, achieving break-even cash flow in three months.
  • Served as GM of a mobile software company; managed relocation of offices, rebuilt company image, and wrote comprehensive business plan. Owner sold company for seven-figures.
  • Helped build another oil and gas enterprise software company, founded by two former employees of Excalibur. As Director of Business Development, designed and built a marketing program, brand awareness, and sales process. Prospected, gave sales presentations, closed sales and negotiated contracts.
  • Wrote and self-published a book In 2018, about my entrepreneurial journey and the intangible factors business owners need to embrace. BEYOND the NUMBERS; 5 Key Factors that Impact an Entrepreneur’s Success - available on Amazon: http://a.co/d/e0Djvpn

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