Rob Schachte


Chapter Type: Builders

Rob is an energetic, accomplished leader, analytical problem solver and builder at heart with over 10 years of product/startup C-suite leadership that has included; 2 Exits, $1.2 MM in raised capital, 2 Patents, 4 Products brought to Market, 2 Service Businesses, 3 Industry Disrupting tech solutions, product /brand development, manufacturing, sourcing, hard-tech, software, SaaS, mobile/web apps, production, patents, marketing, growth-hacking, selling and scaling.

“Ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders.”


My Facilitator Strengths

  • Outside the box solutions: Much of my entrepreneurial career forged in creating 1st time solutions to a market from micro-deposit investing of fractional shares to on-demand gig driver automation I believe I have unique ability to see your problems through a totally different lens
  • Technical Know-how: I built my first businesses (Pennybuilt, UpShift) from scratch having to learn each skill set along the way. From programming to graphic design to branding, my knowledge is more than just advice but technical ability. 
  • Rapid Revenue Creation: Many clients of Think Tank have a range of problems I can help solve, but one area that everybody aligns on is generating more revenue. I've got a varied approach to helping companies create and scale their revenues as quickly as possible helping them get back to growing.
  • Product Creation and Development:  I'm like a junkie for this stuff. Building products and services is truly where I derive my joy. I love learning about your unique businesses and putting myself inside the mind of your customers to help you bring the best version of YOU to market.


Original Inventor + Product Architect + Product Developer 

1. Automated Micro-Deposit Investment Systems

Invented as Pennybuilt now Acorns®, a $1.1 B company that helped bring micro-investing to the masses changing the landscape of the entire fintech industry. I founded Pennybuilt in 2012 and am the original inventor and former patent holder of the first micro-deposit investment system. This helped bring micro-investing amounts under $1.00 in quality stocks/ETFs to the masses in a profitable manner for both brokerages and investors alike. Today this investment process can be found in financial platforms ranging from new apps like Acorns and Stash to E-trade. 

2. Gesture and Stored Touch Automation (Upshift)

In 2015 UpShift was born to help gig workers maximize their time. Our app allowed gig workers to use multiple on-demand job platforms at once. I designed the architecture for the core feature; 'stored gesture replication & automation'. allowing gig workers to interact, store, and automate on-off availability across on-demand apps. 

3. Smart Endpoints (Boltbox®) 

There are two paradigm-changing products to Boltbox Technologies.
The Boltbox : an elegant, app-linked, locked, secured, aesthetically appealing, substantial upgrade to the USPS monopoly of the mailbox. With video-monitoring capabilities, it also doubles as a home-security device. It is the end point for every transaction on the Bolt Marketplace. One monthly, flat subscription fee allows the user unlimited deliveries to their Boltbox. We like to call it, “Prime for Main street”

Builder Chapter Meeting Details

This chapter meets the third Tuesdays of each month from 8-12 at the LoCo offices. 


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