Drew Yancey

Upcoming! Next Level Informational Meeting:
January 27 3:30-5pm 

Are you the operator of an increasingly complex business who is looking to get news ideas and accountability to take your business to its next level?

Join Drew Yancey, Next Level Facilitator, and like-minded business owners Jan 27 to learn more about the upcoming launch of the newest Next Level chapter in Fort Collins. 

There is room for up for only 12 growth-minded business owners to join the launch of this chapter in spring 2021. Is this you or someone you know? 

Email [email protected] for more details and to reserve your spot. 


Chapter Type: Next Level
Location: Fort Collins, CO

Drew is deeply passionate about helping companies achieve what they did not think was possible. He leverages his extensive track record in high-performance team building and operations management to solve challenging problems at the nexus of risk, strategy, and innovation. Drew has over a decade of strategy consulting and executive leadership experience across multiple industries. His career started in a large family foodservice distribution business, where as the Director of Strategy he helped guide the company through its acquisition by a Top 5 Distributor. He then became CEO and led the turnaround of a produce merchandising and distribution company. After that, he was a consultant at Clareo, helping Fortune 500 clients create new growth paths. Drew has a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary, an MBA from Texas A&M University, and a PhD in religion from the University of Birmingham (UK). He is an adjunct professor of theology at Denver Seminary and author of Transforming Enterprise? Drew is an avid traveler (having visited nearly 40 countries) and proud sixth-generation northern Coloradoan where he lives with his amazing wife and three kids.

“For too long, we have limited the word ‘innovation’ to large corporations. In my experience, Mainstreet businesses are where some of the best innovation takes place! I love working with small to medium sized business owners to help them unleash their own innovation.”


My Facilitator Strengths

  • Execution-focused: Good ideas are just that—ideas. As a dually engaged advisor and operator, I know what it takes to grow and lead real businesses. I leverage that experience to help members do the same!
  • Innovation-minded: One of the features of my career is that I have worked across multiple industries in organizations large and small. This diversity has enabled me to understand what truly drives innovation and how to unlock innovative thinking among business leaders and owners.
  • Learning-obsessed: Always be learning. It’s a simple but powerful leadership principle that is also at the heart of effective facilitating. I strive to foster dynamic peer learning environments that engage and empower people to ask important questions and seek truth.


  • Helped guide the sale of a family food distribution business to one of the largest distributors in North America.
  • Led the turnaround of a produce merchandising and distribution business, achieving a 200% increase in profits in three years.
  • Key advisor on consulting team that built out innovation strategy for several global corporations.
  • Earned a PhD in management and religious ethics, resulting in the publication of a unique interdisciplinary book.

Think Tank Chapter Details

This chapter meets the third Tuesday of each month from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. 

Watch Drew's webinar on Innovating Mainstreet During Crisis, a resources for business owners during the Coronavirus.


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