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Chapter Type: Catalysts, Fort Collins, CO

Kregg co-founded, managed, and served as President of Zateca Foods in Greeley, Colorado for approximately twenty years. Zateca Foods added value to dry edible beans (mostly pintos) through a pre-cooking and dehydration process. While managing Zateca Foods, Kregg relied on a strong team of department managers, collaborated with hourly employees, and fostered meaningful long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers. Zateca employed production, quality assurance, and maintenance staff and operated on a twenty-four-hour business period each day. As President, Kregg’s daily activities were primarily focused on sales, account management, business development, and plant operations. Kregg was also responsible for the profit & loss, human resources, banking, and legal sectors of Zateca Foods. In 2012, Zateca was successfully sold to Teasdale Latin Foods, a large producer of Hispanic foods in the United States. Now, Kregg and his wife Trudy live in Fort Collins and enjoy time spent with their two young golden retrievers, Jax and Otis. Kregg and Trudy’s children, Zak and Molly, also live in Fort Collins and are currently pursuing their own business interests. In his free time, Kregg can be found practicing yoga, riding his mountain bike, or fly-fishing on a trout stream.


“ While owning a business, I made it a priority to listen to and value the opinions of my business partners and employees. All of us have a unique set of life experiences that should be shared. As a facilitator, I hope to gather perspectives from the most important asset of any business - its people. I strive to help key employees learn how their skills contribute to the overall success of the business.”


My Facilitator Strengths

  • Relationship Building – Maintaining communication and listening to employees, customers, vendors, and others within the local community.
  • Problem-Solving – Finding innovative solutions - not just for what’s happening today - but also to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Operations – Helping workers continuously improve processes and procedures in order to limit costs and enhance value of products and services.
  • Sales and Marketing – Understanding and communicating how products and services fulfill the needs and wants of consumers.
  • Branding – Streamlined branding should cohesively communicate the company’s priorities.
  • Leadership – Showing up, working hard, and being a reliable business partner in good times and in bad.

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This chapter meets the fourth Thursday of each month from 8-12 at LoCo Think Tank offices.

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