Larry Dolgin
Next Level Facilitator
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LoCo Think Tank Next Level chapters have been developed to create a safe place for processing challenges and opportunities for the owners of larger, more complex, and rapid-growth private businesses on a regional level. With longer meetings and more frequent one-on-one’s, members can go broader and deeper than traditional LoCo Think Tank chapters.  

Members of a Next Level chapter wish to be in a community of peers striving to take their business and lives to the next level. Candidates are focused on developing their business enterprise, lifestyle, and relationships with purpose, intention, and accountability. They see membership in a Think Tank chapter as a means of furthering a healthy and holistic business and life journey.  

LoCo Next Level candidates must qualify for 7 of the following 10 characteristics to apply for membership.

Are you a Next Level Candidate?
LoCo Next Level Thinkers...
  • Have developed a business model of next level complexity and function 
  • Serve as the leadership architect within their organization
  • Share their time, treasure, and talents within their communities
  • Pursue healthy relationships and have a generally healthy lifestyle
  • Are kind, of good reputation and character, and are fun to be around
  • Are willing to be transparent and vulnerable in a diverse and confidential setting
  • Have a passion for discerning truth, and value the perspective of others in seeking it
  • Have strong market share, consistent revenue growth, and growing market (must have 2 of 3)
  • Manage 8-figure revenues, 7-figure payroll, and 6-figure personal income (must have 2 of 3)
  • Are experiencing rapid industry change - growth, decline, consolidation, tech disruption, etc.
Next Level Benefits & Expectations
  • Once monthly meetings for six hours - 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Meetings include breakfast and lunch in a premium private meeting room
  • Expert topical speakers every other month (or thereabouts)
  • One-on-one meeting with LoCo Facilitator monthly
  • Next Level annual retreat - strategic planning and personal growth
  • Members will present one teaching topic annually to their chapter
  • Opportunity to share topic with another LoCo Think Tank chapter
  • Members commit to attend a minimum of nine meetings annually
  • $50 per active member per month will be donated by LoCo Think Tank to a charitable cause - monthly Focus Member selects the beneficiary 
  • Monthly dues are $999 - no initiation fee and no long-term contract
Ready to Be a Better Business Owner?
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