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From Fellow Longmont area Business Owners!

Getting business help from the wrong people does not grow your business. 

It's time for you to GET REAL business advice through new perspectives and fresh ideas to help you feel confident as a business owner.  

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Local Longmont business veteran, Lance Cayko is facilitator of this chapter and we are now connecting with interested business owners.

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We Are Looking For Business Owners....


✔ 5 or fewer employees

✔ Revenue less than $500,000 

✔ Significant growth potential 

✔ Developing processes

✔ Operations in the Longmont, Boulder, Louisville region


✔ Lonely 

✔ Unsure of how to make the best decisions to grow

✔ Overwhelmed with opportunities and challenges

✔ Like you're GREAT at your craft, but lack other business skills.


✔ Accelerated growth 

✔ Fresh, new ideas 

✔ Better decisions faster

✔ Accountability to your goals and peers

✔ Encouragement that your dreams can become reality 

Now Launching In Longmont! 

If you're a small business with 5 or fewer employees and less than $500k in revenue (we call them "Builders") looking to grow faster with the perspective, accountability, and encouragement from others you're going to want to get in on this group of up to 12 select local Longmont area business owners.

If you're motivated to uplift others with your knowledge and experience, and to growing yourself and your business, you may be just who we are looking for to add to the Longmont Builders chapter with Lance Cayko.

Growing a business can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be when you have a group of small business owners sharing new ideas and perspective on a monthly basis, guided by a experienced business facilitator. 

We are looking for 12 growth-minded business owners from the Longmont area who are ready to feel more energized, supported, and dedicated to growing their business. 

This chapter will launch in June 2021

Submit your brief business info below to learn more. Our team will reach out to you to share details about this chapter and to learn about your business. 

What is LoCo Think Tank?

A Place To Activate Your Business Dreams

LoCo Think Tank brings together non-competitive business owners from different industries, to identify and explore solutions to business challenges.  Each chapter is professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran.

Our facilitators are driven by the purpose and impact of the role and focused on maximizing the experience of members. The facilitator manages communications leading up to and following each meeting, maintains order during the meetings, and meets one-on-one, or in small groups, with members in between chapter meetings. 

Think of it as your personal Board or Directors–and sometimes your support group!


○ High achieving business veteran with a give-back mindset
○ Is the chapter manager and meeting organizer

(that's you!)

○ Owners and deciders within a small business 
○ Have a special skill or talent to share with the chapter


○ One four hour monthly meeting 
○ Meetings cover check-ins, member presentations, issue processing, and speakers


○ Small group or one-on-one meetings with your facilitator
○ Accountability check on your projects and goals

Come Learn More at Our LoCo Social

With Lance Cayko, Longmont local and business veteran

The time will be mostly about connection and learning more about one another, and we'll also demonstrate the Lo-Collaborative Process on a real business challenge during the event. Come prepared to share one of your business challenges and receive real business advice and solutions from relatable business owners and business veterans. 
Come join us for some drinks at the Wibby Brewing Company Patio on May 18th 4pm - 6pm

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I have been SO happy with my decision to join LoCo Think Tank. In only five months it has already had a tremendous impact on our business. There is an amazing amount of achievement and intelligence represented in the leaders and members. The discussions cut to the heart of issues quickly and enable a business owner to move through challenges that could otherwise cost lots of time, money and stress to resolve. I am so stoked this exists!!



Peer Advisory is like a personal board of directors for me. I'm in a very insular, family owned and niche business, I really benefit from perspectives that are outside of my work bubble. It helps me feel less alone by knowing I have people that believe in my capabilities, but also can give me straight forward feedback on issues I face. I feel close to my facilitator and am so thankful I have him as a mentor.

- Chelsea


LoCo Think Tank provides an outstanding opportunity to meet together with other business owners and take a deep dive into what makes each business work, and what may not be serving the business anymore. As a new member, I have already gained tremendous value and knowledge from only 2 meetings, so I anticipate my ongoing membership being extremely beneficial for myself and my company in the long term. Thanks!

- Mitch

Meet Lance Cayko, your



business veteran

Builder chapter


Lance Cayko is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder multiple successful architecture and construction firms in Northern Colorado. His career in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry spans over two decades and includes several design awards including the international Architizer A+ Award for Architecture + Living Small in 2016.   
He co-founded F9 Productions, an architecture firm. Since inception, the partners have grown F9 from two employees grossing less than six figures to a team of 11.  They operate out of their brand new custom-built office that they designed, built, and developed as part of a mixed use infill project in Longmont.  This year they earned the #1 spot in tier three of BizWest's Mercury 100 Fastest-Growing Private Firms with a 386% growth rate. 

He also teaches part-time at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-hosts a top architecture and business podcasts, Inside the Firm.

I'm Interested In Lance's Chapter


We are a Colorado homegrown business, founded in  Fort Collins in 2014. Our mission is to uplift business owners through peer collaboration. We do this by building chapters of diverse small business owners around a purpose-driven successful business veteran facilitator. We have 9 chapters across Northern Colorado and are excited to support businesses owners in the Longmont/Boulder region!

Learn more about LoCo Think Tank here.

Get Your Business Ready For: 

  • Accelerated growth
  • Fresh ideas
  • New perspective 
  • A board-like experience
  • Ongoing accountability 
  • Group encouragement

Learn all about the LoCo Think Tank experience in Longmont by submitting your information to learn more about getting real business advice in a LoCo Think Tank Builders chapter with Lance in Longmont.

One of our LoCo team members will reach out to learn more about your business and share details about the upcoming May chapter launch. 


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