LoCo Think Tank Scholarship

For Minority-Owned Businesses

To uplift minority business owners in Northern Colorado, LoCo Think Thank is offering three, one-year scholarships in our Think Tanks. 

At LoCo, we value diversity and recognize that people of color may often face additional challenges to launching and growing their small business.  

This is why we have created three scholarships for minority owned small businesses to further invest in our small business community. The scholarships (totaling over $8,000 in value) will be offered to small businesses owners of color to support their continued growth. 

We have reserved three memberships within our Builders and Thinkers chapters for scholarship recipients.

Builders chapters are for business owners with fewer than 5 employees.

Thinkers chapters are typically for business owners with 5-25 employees.

These memberships will be free for one year (with acceptance of LoCo member expectations and our confidentiality agreement) with the option to continue with a paid membership thereafter. 


To Be Considered

Please complete our 2 step application. Candidates will complete a standard LoCo business owner application, followed by a brief questionnaire supporting the scholarship consideration. LoCo will review all applications received through August 31st followed by an interview through September 15, 2020. Lastly, three applicants will be selected to meet a facilitator and current chapter members to confirm mutual fitment. 

Scholarship winners will be notified by September 30th and membership may begin as soon as October.


Ideal Candidates:

Minority business owners: Black, Hispanic, and all people of color.

Have been in business for two years or more

Have a consistent record of business growth

Have overcome significant challenge(s) during their business journey

Meet at least 7/10 characteristics for Builder or Thinker members *see below

Have special skills, talents or experience sought by the chapter

Can commit to monthly 4-hour meetings and 1x1 engagements with facilitator

LoCo will choose top candidates based challenges overcome, record of growth, and best fitment within existing chapters.


Builder & Thinker Characteristics

Are owners and deciders  

Have a consistent record of business growth

Are kind, of good reputation, and an enjoyable personality

Have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group

Value the perspective and accountability  provided by peer advisory

Working on their business, not only work in their business

Have demonstrated perseverance along their small business journey

Are working to build a team and purpose 

Are the founder or co-founder 

Have proven demand for their products and/or services

Submit an application by August 31st to be considered!









Have someone to nominate? Send them this page to apply!

Application Process:

Fill Out 2 Part Application

Interview with LoCo 

Meet & Visit Facilitator & Chapter

Apply Here

Part 1 of 2 of the application.