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Hi - I'm Curt Bear, Founder of LoCo Think Tank, and creator and host of this podcast!

The LoCo Experience is produced by me and my team, and sponsored by LoCo Think Tank - and sometimes others!  Episodes feature a range of local and regional business and community leaders as guests in a conversational interview format. The more interesting the journey, the better the experience! My mission is to uncover as much business education as possible while getting to know the founders and leaders of amazing organizations. When creating this podcast I envisioned a hybrid between The Joe Rogan Experience and How I Built This with Guy Raz - two of my favorite podcasts!  

You'll feel like you really know our guests after each episode, and if we're doing our job well, you'll learn business principles and tips from them along the journey and be both inspired and entertained.  

Woven into these long-format LoCo Experience episodes are occasional Thought Bubbles episodes - topically focused snippets of 5 - 15 minutes where our guests unfold important and timely business truths, and also me reading my LoCo Perspective Blog posts - because I'm lazy and prefer to listen than read and maybe you do too. 

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"Curt does an amazing job of unpacking business principles and the personal stories that make them real. 2 hours flew by! His thought provoking questions dig up old memories and shine a light on the journey of a business leader like no other podcast I've been on!"

Episode 41
Allison Seabeck

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We most enjoy conversations with open-minded, expressive, and inspiring business owners and thought leaders. 

We know that starting and growing a business can be a crazy experience!

Our goal is to capture these stories to inspire, educate, and entertain listeners of every walk of life!

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