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Original Thinkers Facilitator
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Our original small business chapters. The members of our Thinkers chapters generally have fewer than 50 employees and range from $500K - $5MM in revenues. They are growing and succeeding, and we create a safe place for them to think.
Are you a Thinker Candidate?
LoCo Thinkers...
  • Thinkers have a consistent record of small business growth.
  • Thinkers value the perspective and accountability provided by peer advisory.
  • Thinkers own at least 20% of an operating business and hold decision authority.
  • Thinkers have at least 5 years of experience in managing others.
  • Thinkers are the founder or co-founder of their business operation.
  • Thinkers have the time and financial means to fully participate in the group.
  • Thinkers seek time to work on their business, as opposed to working only in their business.
  • Thinkers have employees and the ability to create sound financial reports.
  • Thinkers are kind, of good reputation and character, and fun to be around.
  • Thinkers have special talents, abilities, or experience sought by the group.
Thinkers Benefits & Expectations
  • Member dues paid by credit/debit autopay of $249 a month
  • LoCo Think Tank members should anticipate being a member for not less than a year when they sign up
  • Member attendance expected at 80% of meetings and members may be asked to resign if rate falls < 75%
  • New members added only in the absence of a conflict of interest and with unanimous consent of members
  • Public information (news articles, etc.) about LoCo Think Tank members may be shared on social media
  • Non-public information (new location, expansion etc.) shared only with express consent of members
  • Members are expected to give at least 60 days advance notice of any planned departure from the group
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