The LoCo Think Tank Experience

It's kind of hard to describe until you're in it, so get the inside scoop from our members.Check out Eric's perspective here!


Wally | Thinkers Member

Wally's Speed Shop

Supported | Collaborative

"I realized that everyone else was struggling as hard as I was to learn to how to be a business owner because we were all really good at doing what we do, but we weren’t really good a being business owners. We were able to bounce ideas off each other which has been hugely beneficial. We need a place to vent to other people who understand what we’re going through."


Eric | Next Level Member

Northern Engineering

Trusted peer advice | New ideas

"It's been not just meeting, but exceeding those expectations. I'm not gaining professional guidance, I'm gaining friendships I can trust. You need to be open to input from others and truthfully any business owner needs it. You have to put yourself out there and be willing to share with others. Don't be scared to hold back to throw ideas out there - they may have the solution for someone else. Sometimes the best ideas come from those outside our industry since we are so focused on what we want the outcome to be. They can see the answers and make the process so much smoother."


Derrick | Thinkers Member

Brillity Digital 

Outside perspective | Accountability

"The structure ensures we cover the valuable things in the group. That intel that happens in each business sector, you don't just get the business, you get what's happening in the industry. You walk out of with 10 hands-on insights on what's going on in their businesses. As business owners we tend to put off pulling back and really evaluating strategy. Forcing yourself to step back evaluate your strategy and approach is incredibly valuable." 


Moses | Thinkers Member

Horner Painting

Trusted facilitator | Business Growth

"Having someone who has been in business at a larger level and a longer time than I had really gave me confidence in listening to their advice. Certainly the peer advisory, there's nothing like being the trenches with other business owners, but having a seasoned facilitator who is a veteran in the business world was invaluable to help me clean up my books, make me more financially literate to know what the trends are in my business, setting goals, and all of those things prompted by LoCo and the facilitator." 


Diana | Thinkers Member

Zi Zai Dermatology 

Meeting Structure | Efficient 

"When we do issue processing, we go through a well organized process. This ensures that all of the questions are fleshed out before we come up with solutions. I find it to be a very efficient way of handing things so it doesn't breakdown in to chaos and general brainstorming. I think it's a big difference between other groups."